Our Story

Rustic Roots is a proudly South African brand offering quality handmade shoes using the finest quality leather.

Our Roots are etched in our humble beginnings. In the garage of our home our love and passion for shoes was bought to realisation. The Rustic Roots brand was a mere concept which has now developed into a full range of quality handmade leather shoes.

With a collective experience of 62 years in the leather shoe industry we are inspired by the rustic and authentic look and feel of leather. Our designs are classic and timeless yet infused with influences of current market trends.

We have an appreciation for fine quality and exceptional workmanship, we are proud to call the shoes we design and manufacture OURS!!

Leather is a natural material which is durable and flexible and by its very nature contains variances and imperfections in both texture, colour and appearance, this serves to enhance your Rustic Roots product and provides a unique and authentic look, giving the Rustic Roots product character.

Our shoes are made to be worn with pride

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